6 Step Men’s Health Reboot

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6 Step Men’s Health Reboot

This is an individual program for men to get their mental, physical and emotional health back in balance. If blokes are good at building things and fixing things, why is it that they can’t fix themselves or their relationships? Imagine climbing a ladder into your own mind to change all the wiring. It is a reboot at the subconscious level. That is where the patterns and behaviours are. That is where we will do our work.

I have had many queries from men in their 30s, 40s and 50s who have reached a stage in life where they are asking “where to from here?” Let’s find the answers.

This isn’t counselling. This isn’t psychology. This isn’t CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). You don’t have to tell me your life story. I work on context; not content. Why is it that past behaviours and patterns have got you stuck now? What do we have to clear subconsciously, for you to create a new, positive and rewarding future?

I wonder if some of the questions below are relevant to you.

  1. Do you want the old mojo back?
  2. Do you want to be rid of old negative self-talk, thoughts, emotions?
  3. Is weight gain becoming an issue for you?
  4. Is alcohol consumption out of control rather than being in control?
  5. Is anxiety, depression or anger ruling your days?
  6. Do you want to be a better dad, partner, husband, friend, lover, role model?
  7. Have you reached a place in life and wonder “how the hell did I end up here?”
  8. Do you find your self repeating the old patterns?
  9. Or do you just want to be a better version of you?

To answer those and many more questions, and to create a new future now, I have created a 6 Step Men’s Health Reboot program. The program is individually structured to you. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own history; their present and a desired path for the future.

  • 6 individual sessions of hypnotherapy/coaching/NLP for $950
  • 2 installments (1 x $650 at the first session) and (1 x $300 at the fourth session)
  • This is a saving of $150 over normal session rates.

My goal is to help you to clear the past so that the future map looks not only achievable but makes more sense. We will be getting the balance right between physical health, mental health and emotional health. This could be the best investment you’ve ever made.

If this is for you, contact Brett now to discuss when you can start the next phase of your life. Cameron Hypnotics is located at The Junction … 5 minutes from Newcastle CBD.

* Health Insurance Rebates apply where applicable. Check with your Health Fund.