Alcohol Control / Binge Drinking

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Alcohol Control / Binge Drinking

  • Is alcohol controlling you rather than you controlling it?
  • Do you come home from work and the first action is to grab a drink?
  • Do you like to have a drink … just a few … but then can’t stop?
  • Is alcohol a mask to hide an unwanted emotion? Or is it a reward for a good day’s work and when you get home there is the ahhhh feeling as you say to yourself “this is my time now.”

Through hypnosis I have helped countless clients to regain control. This is about empowering you to make choices that you really want to make. Hypnotherapy is about letting you change the behaviours that no longer work for you. Let’s put them into the past. Whether it is to cut the alcohol out completely or just to cut down … it is your choice. I recommend a 3 session program for Alcohol Control. You might also be amazed at the other positive changes that you notice.

And this July I’m going #dryjuly in support of the Mater Calvary Hospital (Cancer support). For every $399 Alcohol Buster Program a client signs up for, I’ll donate $100 to the #dryjuly campaign.

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