Anger management – when would NOW be a good time to start?

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Anger management – when would NOW be a good time to start?

What is making you hot under the collar?
Do you react instead of respond?
Would you like to be back in control … in a good way?
Do you experience Road Rage?
Arguing With The Umpire

Arguing With The Umpire

Whenever we get angry we lose the ability to think clearly, to act logically, to be reasonable … to just make sense. We then begin to second guess ourselves.The stress rises … the blood pressure increases … and then … snap!

You are driving and everything is OK until another driver does something that annoys you and then … the green monster takes over and growls at everyone. Every other driver is the enemy. The rational part of you thinks that is crazy but at that moment of rage … there is no rational part of you.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I have worked with many people helping them to separate the person from the behaviour. I have helped them to find the ability to be calm and relaxed and in control. On the emotions ladder, anger is often associated with fear. So if you get angry it is a god time to stop and ask yourself …

“what am I afraid of right now?”

It might be a simple thing of being afraid of not being in control, or a fear of being caught out. It might be a fear of not getting your way. Or as in a lot of cases, you just don’t know why you get angry. It is a behaviour that has been with yo for so long that it seems to be a part of you. It is the way that you are. But it doesn’t have to be. People change every day. So can you. Hypnosis is a very effective modality in dealing with behavioural issues.

Most clients will experience amazing change after a tailored 3 session program.

A 3 session program of hypnotherapy is $399. If you want to get some calm control back … give Brett a call NOW at 0403 335751. Or email an enquiry. Cameron Hypnotics is at The Junction. Located 5 minutes from Newcastle CBD.