Be FREE of pot forever

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Be FREE of pot forever

I have worked with many marijuana/cannabis smoking clients over the years seeking help to kick the habit. And I have had a lot of success along the way. There is one success story that I have to share. It brought tears to my eyes when Peter walked in for his second session of hypnotherapy telling me that he has not had a smoke at all since session one. He believes at a deeper level that he is ready to turn his life around. I have seen this with other clients in the past but this was a different case. He has steely determination. He was emotional. He had joy in his voice and demeanor. He is committed to a different future. He gave me the following testimonial. 

“Pot had a hold on me. I kid you not, I was smoking 7 grams a day … $100 a day … up to 100 cones a day.  I am no longer smoking pot. I noticed the change the minute I got home after my first session of hypnosis. I feel as though my life has totally changed. I feel really really good; totally sick … the best feeling I have ever had. I now have some goals. I’m now determined to learn to read & write and to be the best ‘old man’ I can be for my young boy”.

~ Peter dictated this testimonial to me as his literacy is poor. It was such a privilege to help this young man to start the “life turn around” process. He is a young dad with sole custody of his child. He proudly told me today how he told his DOCS (Dept of Community Services) Case Manager that he is now clear of pot, and he gave his first clean urine sample. He has given me permission to share this with the world.

This is the kind of story that makes me so happy to have chosen the hypnotherapy profession. I will be working with Peter into the near future to help him with confidence and self esteem so that he can enrol in Adult Literacy education, and so that he can shine. Thanks Peter for allowing me to work with you and also for trusting me to share your story. You are a good man and you will be a good ‘old man’ for your son.

If you or a loved one needs help to move beyond the grip of ~ pot marijuana cannabis ~ give Brett a call at Cameron Hypnotics (0403 335751). At The Junction … 5 minutes from Newcastle CBD