Be free of workplace anxiety … with hypnotherapy

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Be free of workplace anxiety … with hypnotherapy

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist it is fair to say that over half of my clients are seeing me for anxiety relief. Anxiety and panic attacks seems to be the modern day scourge of society.

Anxiety presents itself with differing symptoms. The most common symptoms are:

  1. Palpitating heart with shortness of breath. A tightness in the chest with restricted breathing.
  2. A nauseous feeling in your stomach. Some people describe it as a feeling of dread in their stomach or a rolling feeling.
  3. Sweaty palms and increased perspiration.
  4. A tightness in your shoulders and back of neck with tightening of neck muscles.
  5. A foggy head leading to inability to focus and concentrate.
  6. A feeling of a need to “just get out of there”.
  7. A panic attack might lead to incapacity whereby the person experiencing the panic attack freezes momentarily and doesn’t have the capability to do simple motor skills.
  8. Some people become lost for words and can’t string a sentence together. Even though they are intelligent and well rehearsed in the topic of discussion, they panic and lose control.

I would summarise anxiety or panic as being that moment where you are out of control … not in control. It seems as though you are riding a wave and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Anxiety exists in the unconscious mind … not the conscious mind. You might consciously want to make change happen yet the old pattern exists. That is why hypnosis is effective with dealing with anxiety as our work is focussed on the unconscious mind.

I’m a great believer in the words ‘what if?’

What if there was a way to disconnect from the trapped emotional response that is causing the anxiety?

What if there was a way to disconnect from anxiety in such a way that you may never experience anxiety again?

OK that is a big call … yet I have had hundreds of clients who have walked away from their hypnotherapy sessions with a new sense of freedom.

If you want to be free of the debilitating symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks then contact me now to start your change process. I have many clients ask themselves why they didn’t try hypnotherapy earlier.

You can listen to self-hypnosis MP3s to start the process. Go to iTunes or Spotify … and search Cameron Hypnotics.