Cancer Support – For those living with cancer and the caregiver

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Cancer Support – For those living with cancer and the caregiver

A US study (University of Colarado Cancer Centre) has found that Cancer Caregivers who undertook a 100 day trial of Psycho Education, Paced respiration and Relaxation techniques, reported greatly reduced stress and anxiety compared to those who didn’t receive the support.

If you are living with cancer or a life threatening condition, or are a cancer caregiver (or a caregiver for anyone living with a life threatening condition) then perhaps now is the time to give yourself a break.

I teach pain management hypnosis so that you can wind the pain down. Imagine if you had the power to get the pain dial and wind it backwards. Pain is nature’s way of saying that there is a problem so we can’t take it away completely … but wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could put it into the background so that it didn’t bother you?

I teach self-hypnosis along with other stress and anxiety relieving exercises. You will be amazed at the relief that one session of hypnotherapy will give you. Hypnotherapy has many benefits for those living with neurological conditions as well.

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