Colour Code Your Memory

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Colour Code Your Memory

Remove stress from exams. You don’t want to look like this guy. Learn to Train Your Brain.

Everyone processes information differently.

40% of the population are primarily visual processors … it is how it looks.

40% of the population are primarily kinaesthetic processors … it is all about how they feel about the information.

20% of the population are either primarily auditory processors (how does it sound?), or internal dialoguers (it has to make sense)

So how do we make it easier to remember vital information? If you study for 6-7 subjects and you have a 2-3 hour exam on Maths … how do you block out all the other information so that your brain can bring forward only the relevant information on maths?


Create a symbol that works for you. eg. Orange triangle for Maths, Blue square for History, Green circle for Geography, Red X for English etc. Make sure that every page of your notes for that subject has that coloured symbol in a significant part of that page. Ask your unconscious mind to only remember information that relates to that pages that have that symbol. Even go the extent of drawing that symbol on your hand when you go into the exam so that it is in front of you.

You’ll be amazed at how this works. It is as though the information for all other subjects has been moved into the back of your mind as the information that you need to know right now is moved to the front of your mind … ready to flow down your arm into the pen and onto the exam paper … perfectly coherent.

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