Comfort Eating – Problem Relationship

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Comfort Eating – Problem Relationship

I had a female client seeing for Weight Release. She was a classic comfort eater. I have a question on my Weight Release Questionnaire where I ask the client if they have any problem relationships in their life. She answered ‘husband’. When I asked for more information she said “we are not on the same page … in fact we are not in the same book … I would go as far as saying the books aren’t in the same library … in fact those libraries are on different planets.”

I suppose the simple answer to that question would have been a ‘yes’.

It is interesting to find how many clients who have issues with out of control comfort eating are also experiencing strained relationships with a loved one (or maybe a not so loveable loved one). So my first step is to empower the individual so that we can heal the past, to create a positive new future where they are in control … not out of control.

If this is you … then contact me to start your change process.