Dental phobia has gone

Dental phobia has gone

The fear of the dentist has gone. Imagine being free of fear to go to the dentist. For some people that is a dream.  I love this story. It is a story of someone who has had a life of a fear of the dentist but not anymore. I recently saw a middle aged man who has had an unexplained fear of the dentist for as long as he can remember. The fear or anxiety itself extends to a belief that he has a sensitive palate and when his tooth brush travels too far into the back of his mouth he would gag uncontrollably. He is in need of major dental work but there is no way that he could allow a dentist to put anything into the back of his mouth without him having a panic attack.

The client has no idea why he has this fear. This is the story that many clients who see me for hypnotherapy will tell. I suggest to them that they don’t have a conscious problem, they have an unconscious problem. Consciously, he has no idea why this problem exists, however his powerful unconscious mind (amygdala) has a perfect memory of what happened, and it will do everything in its power to make sure that the client is safe. If that means having a panic attack to prevent anything going into the back of his mouth then that is what it will do. The amygdala is designed from birth to keep you safe. It doesn’t think. It doesn’t judge. It’s not rational. It just acts to keep you safe.

With the input of hypnosis, my client retrieved a memory of him as a 3-4 year old. He had long forgotten an incident but when he recalled it, he was having a light-bulb moment. His parents had separated and he was being raised by his mum.

OK this was a different time, a different era and very different place. He said that his mum would give him and his siblings sleeping tablets so that they would sleep while she went to the pub. He swallowed the bottle of “mummy’s lollies” yet somehow managed to have a groggy waking moment, enough to tell the ambulance what he had done, before he drifted off again.

Wow! He had a tube pushed down his throat and had his stomach pumped. He asked me “do you think that might have been significant?” hmmm Maybe.

The lifetime problem has since disappeared. The amygdala now knows that the danger is over. The client is safe. He can now have the dentistry work and life is good. I have seen many clients who have had a fear or anxiety of the dentist and I find it interesting that in most cases, the origin of the fear is not with the dentist. If this story has piqued your interest, then please consider the effectiveness of clinical hypnotherapy. Click here for more information on how anxiety can be freed with hypnotherapy.

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