Do you want Unstoppable Confidence?

Do you want Unstoppable Confidence?

Do you want Unstoppable Confidence?

  • What is stopping you from living a life in flow with confidence?
  • How much more could you achieve if you followed your passion?
  • Can you imagine a life with you in control, not out of control?
  • Has a loss of self-belief held you back in sporting or performance endeavours?
  • Maybe it is time to get you out of your way.

Firstly, let me state that I’ve just had a month of supercharged, uplifting, unstoppable confidence boosters so I’m on a high right now. I feel absolutely awesome and I want to share the love. I’ve returned from an amazing Hypnosis conference in Las Vegas where there were 1,000 inspiring people under one roof. I was able to study and work with some of the world’s leading Hypnosis professionals. Then to top it off, in September I was honoured to present at the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association World Conference in Brisbane. All of that positivity can only lift and motivate someone.

But hey this is not about me. Confidence builds confidence. Self-belief doesn’t just manifest itself. It begins with positive intent. But before we talk about intent, what is it that you are passionate about? What is it that you would love to excel in? Putting your hand on heart and listening to your soul, what is your purpose?

The confidence formula I encourage is:

  1. Find your passion and trust in yourself.
  2. Map out a path for that passion.
  3. Yearn to learn so that you are the “go-to” for that passion.
  4. Own your field.
  5. Inspire others to pursue their passion.

In a coaching or therapy role, I have had countless clients tell me that they are in a rut, they hate their job, they have no direction, and yet they would love to be doing something else, but they lack the courage to make that change. It is an all too common story. So, what if we were able to get the old you out of the way. What if you were able to put a toe in the water to see where your heart will take you? Don’t live with regret.

Yearn to learn. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. What a load of rubbish. Please delete that from your mind NOW. Confidence comes through acquired knowledge and application. I am forever in awe of my 95 year old father-in-law, as he gets a bus to Charlestown to visit the Apple store so that he can sit at the Genius Bar and learn new technology. He knows more about smart devices than I’ll ever know. Try telling him that he is too old to learn.

Confidence doesn’t live on a shelf in the supermarket. It is something that you develop. If I was to put on my past life salesman hat, I will hear the mantra “I own the field, it is mine”. I ensured that I had honed my communication skills, I had researched and absorbed all knowledge that was relevant to my product, I had absorbed all relevant information of my territory, and I developed the ‘drive’ to own that territory. Therefore, “I own the field, it is mine”. I was passionate about what I did. It is the same formula for applying yourself to sport, a hobby, a profession, your life, and your chosen field.

Inspire others to do the same. By encouraging others to follow their passion, we are by turn, encouraging ourselves to continue to grow. Imagine a community of inspired and creative people, interacting and working towards a desired goal, not just trudging along the same trodden path of sameness. It all begins with you. Confidence is contagious. Imagine the possibilities. Create your future now! Unleash your unstoppable confidence!

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