Fear of Flying? No more

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Fear of Flying? No more

Do you have a fear of FLYING?

Does the thought of getting into a plane make you anxious?

Have you postponed holiday plans because of an irrational fear of flying?

The common symptoms people might experience are :

  • Cold sweats,
  • heart palpitations,
  • tightness in the chest,
  • butterflies in the stomach,
  • panic and stress,
  • clammy palms, and
  • Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs).

Hypnotherapy works! I have seen and helped countless clients over the years overcome their fear of flying. In most cases it isn’t a fear of flying at all. I say in most cases, but not all. I have found that the common thread is actually having a ‘fear of being out of control’. Let’s bring the control back to your life.

Some people experience discomfort on the way to the airport. Some will become anxious before boarding. Some people will be OK until the doors of the plane are closed. Some people are fine until the plane gets to cruising altitude. Everyone’s experience is different.

Relief is at hand. In most cases, a client will have their old fear dissolved in one session of hypnotherapy. I will also teach you stress and anxiety release techniques as well as teaching you to how to do ‘self-hypnosis’.

Travel is exciting, fun and enjoyable … don’t ruin it or put it off by being all pent up about flying.

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