Fees and Programs

Imagine a life where you are free of past habits, patterns and behaviours.  Some clients might prefer a single session and they might get the desired results. However in the vast majority of cases, a client will gain maximum benefit from 3, 4 or more sessions. It really depends on the individual and what needs to be achieved.

  • Online - 50 minutes (via Skype or Zoom)

  • Single Session - 90 minutes

  • 3 Session Program

  • Returning Clients - 55 minutes

  • Concession Rate - 55 minutes

  • Stop Smoking Success Program

  • Stop Smoking - Super Session 2 hours

  • Weight Release - 4 sessions

  • Reboot - 6 sessions

  • Life Coaching Program - 4 sessions


‘Your’ session is personalised. This ensures that a program is created from information related to ‘your’ history, ‘your’ situation and for ‘your’ individual needs and concerns.

Our Clinical Hypnotherapy and relaxation programs can bring you immediate relief. I help you by applying a toolkit that consists of NLP, meditation and relaxation techniques, and of course Hypnotherapy. You will be taught elements of self-hypnosis in the first session.

All prices include GST.