Building Bridges and Repairing the Past

Building Bridges and repairing the past

Building Bridges and Repairing the Past

Now is the time for Building Bridges:

When is it a good time to be building a bridge?

There aren’t too many people, apart from Bill Gates, who could have predicted the Coronavirus pandemic, and the social, economic and personal devastation and loss that it has created. Likewise, there are not too many people who can predict what the world will look like when we all come out of lockdown. Wouldn’t it be interesting if people en masse took up a project of building bridges?

People’s behaviours and patterns are being tested daily as we are forced into living and working arrangements that had not been considered previously. Families are being locked in confines 24/7. Relationships are pushed and strained. We are all living in challenging times. We are all in this together.

What if? I love the “what if?” question. I have had many clients seeing me for anxiety relief whose minds are beset by a repeating “what if?” that runs through their mind. What if this happens and what if that happens? What if we changed the subject matter and gave it the possibility of a positive outcome?

Ask yourself this question. Now that I am in isolation for an unknown time period, what if I was to reflect on the many people who have been in my life who are no longer present? What if I was to look on past communications from a different perspective? What if I could build a bridge across an invisible divide, just to see who lives on the other side? Maybe you could build a bridge half way and see if the other person wants to get into the bridge construction business with you. Just maybe.

What if when this Covid 19 pandemic is all over (and it will end), we emerge from our societal caves as kinder, more compassionate and understanding souls? What if we grew as people and emerged from a cloak of “it’s all about me” to become a caring and empathic community. What if we learned something positive about ourselves by building bridges? It might be a chance to:

  • find what it is to be human again
  • find a deeper love
  • create a stronger human connection
  • be a kinder, stronger, more understanding you.

What if we all learned to build bridges to repair the past? Just a thought. When you are ready to explore the letting go process, contact Brett from Cameron Hypnotics to start your future planning. If you are ready to let go of the past to create a better version of you, contact Brett NOW.