The Formula for a Thriving Healthcare Business

Are you a new or seasoned healthcare practitioner? Or a student in the industry ready to launch your own business? Do you love the work you do with patients, but struggle with managing the balance of ‘must do’ tasks that come with running your healthcare business?

Fully Booked

This book is for all solo healthcare practitioners who need help to:

  •  juggle treating patients with the different hats required to run a solo business
  • keep up with the financial and administration tasks
  • learn the marketing, promotion and advertising side of the business
  • deal with the overwhelm of flying solo
  • adapt to the ever-changing world of social media marketing
  • keep the books full and the financial wolves from the door
  • manage self-promotion and networking to build a sustainable business
  • future-proof your business to cope with a changing economic environment. 
All while attempting to give patients 100% of your attention. 
Fully Booked provides a step-by-step process to build a successful and sustainable solo healthcare business.

This is the best blend of business and mindset, heart and “Just Do It” I reckon I have come across. ~ Rachel Kennedy (DK School of Hypnosis – Brisbane)

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