Grow in Confidence and Self Esteem

Would you like to be able to handle all situations with a new confidence and self-belief?

Do you crumble at the thought of public speaking?

Are interview nerves holding you back?

Is it sports or performance confidence that is lacking?

Is sagging confidence affecting your work performance?

Are you OK on your own but uncomfortable socially?

Or do you just want to feel more comfortable in your skin?

The lack of confidence has prevented many wonderfully talented from achieving their best. It is not that we are born with or without confidence. Confidence comes from our upbringing whether that we have in home, school, extended family, socially and beyond. We are products of our environment and how our self-esteem has been nurtured. We aren’t looking to find fault. We are looking to fix it. Let’s heal less than confident part of you and empower all parts of you to move forward with new self-belief.

Hypnosis and NLP allows you to put the patterns into the past. It is the “way that you used to behave”. Hypnosis allows you to observe yourself from a different perspective, and to understand that you are now in the position of power and influence.

My 3 Session Program

Every client is different so we will be creating an individual program framed around your personal situation and desired outcomes.

Session 1 (90 minutes)

My expectation is that you will leave the session knowing that change has occurred. It is a release of the past.

Session 2 – 60 minutes

We begin the empowerment processes and discuss conscious mind strategies that you can now employ.

Session 3 – 60 minutes

More empowerment and more strategies. I want you flying out the door with an enthused new insight into the endless possibilities ahead.