Habits and Behaviours

A person is not their behaviour. Life is a journey. We make mistakes along the way and hopefully we learn from them. If we don’t learn from errors, then of course we are in danger of repeating those mistakes. Some people become stuck in the loop and keep repeating patterns of the past.

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What unwanted behaviours would you like to put into the past?

Nail biting?

Anger, road rage?


Obsessive compulsive issues?




Attracting the wrong partner?

Or it could be something completely unique to you.

Let’s get rid of them finally. If you begin to identify with that unwanted behaviour then it can become a part of you. It can define you. You don’t want that. I want to help you to be free of the past.

I find it interesting when clients tell me that “this is what my dad used to do” or “I can remember my mum or grandparent doing this”. I love how we can sometimes take on the mannerisms of a family member but it only serves us if we are aware of that mannerism and it suits your identity or self.

For most habit and behaviour problems, I suggest an individual 3 session program. It is my goal that even after the first session, that you will notice that something has shifted; something has changed. We want you to be “in control” not “out of control”.

Changing habits and behaviours is really putting neuroplasticity into play. This is the brain’s ability to rewire itself to create new resourceful neurological pathways instead of negative and unwanted pathways.

Check out this YouTube video about a client who was a procrastinator. What is procrastination from a neuro scientist’s perspective?

What are you waiting for? Create your future now.