Healthcare Business Masterclass

If you are a healthcare practitioner who is passionate about the work that you do, yet your business / marketing / admin skills are letting you down, then this is the perfect online course for you.

Cameron Hypnotics, Healthcare Business Masterclass

Business Masterclass

This 10 module course has over 29 hours of video and exercises. By the end of this course you will have:

  • Explored the business dream
  • Aligned the inner dreamer, the realist, the critic and coach
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Found yourself standing out from the crowd
  • Created a Business/Marketing plan as a business foundation
  • Developed marketing and advertising strategies
  • Created business automation systems
  • Learnt how to apply social media skills to boost your business profile
  • Brought an awareness of self-care into your diary.
  • Created rock solid networking strategies
  • Plus more …

Add to that, the wonderful experience of networking with like-minded students and healthcare business owners in the group coaching sessions.

The 10 module course is US$597. There is a payment plan option available.

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Cathy Jones

Heaps in this course to think about and great tools to use with clients too. Got a lot out of it.

Ian James

You have listed all the main players for outsourcing. All very helpful platforms for when Business owners get stuck, or are new to Business.

Michelle Patton

This course has been invaluable as it has given me the direction I needed.