HSC and Uni Exam Stress Relief

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HSC and Uni Exam Stress Relief

As if Year 12 students don’t have enough on their minds. This all-important year sees teenagers juggling school, sports, music, a busy social life, study time, learning how to drive, out of control hormones (in some), and somewhere along the way exam stress and anxiety can be thrown into the mix.

And with Uni there are the challenges of mixing a very diverse social life with sport, study, family, relationships, parties and … did I say study? Yes that as well. And yet the potential for anxiety to rear its head is all too familiar. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Some of the experiences of Year 12 and Uni can be quite stressful. Students might experience:

  1. Anxiety and nerves over exam expectations
  2. Disrupted sleep patterns
  3. Procrastination
  4. Panic attacks
  5. Fears of underachieving
  6. Feelings of being out of control
  7. Periods of depression.

While it is normal for people to have nerves and adrenalin rushes around exam time, students can be taught strategies to overcome nerves and anxiety, gain self-confidence, determination and focus. They can be empowered to have better academic performance and a more balanced emotional well-being.

Over the past 12 years as a Hypnotherapist and coach, I have worked with students empowering them to take full control of their lives, ensuring that the list above is not relevant to them. I teach students how to enhance their memory and confidence so that they feel safe and secure in all exam environments. Students will be taught self-hypnosis techniques that they can use at any time that ‘focus and calm’ is needed.

One session of Hypnotherapy could be the difference between HSC or Uni success and failure. Call me now to discuss how you or your  teenager could gain benefit for now and the future.