Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Trying to lose (release) weight is one of the most trying challenges. Most people have probably tried a range of diets; various forms of exercise; medicines and pills and potions, all with the aim of solving the problem. And for some reason the kilos won’t budge, or like a yo-yo they bounce back up. (Ok I know that yo-yos don’t bounce)

Is emotional eating dictating your day?

Do you want to achieve a healthier and slimmer you?

Is confidence and self esteem something that you care about?

Are you denying yourself food?

Do you have a driving compulsion towards sugary foods or snacks?

Would you like to create healthier eating habits?

Diets can assist people losing weight while the diet continues. Yet when the diet ends, some people find that weight gain begins again. This is due to diets on their own, do not tackle the role that our emotions play in our lives when it comes to food. Click here for the Cameron Hypnotics  Weight Release Diary

Hypnotherapy is a vital element in the weight release formula as it assists you in tackling the deep-seated emotional issues that are associated with our food consumption.

Hypnotherapy for weight release is an effective addition to your toolkit.

How does the Program work?

I generally suggest that if someone is seeking to release up to 15kg then a 3 session program could work for you. If the target is over 15kg then a 4 session program that would be held over a 6 week period.

Session 1

I will email you a Weight Release questionnaire that I ask you to bring completed to the first session. It will become the foundation of the work we do. We will tailor an individual program for you that might include:

  • changing food selections,
  • changing motivation for exercise,
  • releasing an old limiting belief,
  • disconnecting the association of comfort food and an emotion,
  • or maybe something else.

Session 2

Review and focus on the areas that have shown most resistance.

Session 3

Review and begin the work on confidence, self-esteem and motivation for change.

Session 4

Review and bring everything together to ensure that you are now re-wired to continuing to release 1kg per week until you reach you goal. 1kg is approx. 150g per day. That is the size of an average potato.

I’ve had clients who have moved in excess of 35kg. Anything is achievable once you have the commitment and desire for change. But … and here is the only big but … I’m not doing the work. You are! I am the conductor and you are the orchestra. It is my job to get you playing in tune, and to stay in tune.