This brain is having a thought. Freedom from anxiety.

Freedom from Anxiety

This brain is having a thought. Freedom from anxiety.

This brain is having a thought … this brain is having a thought. I love this mantra. Do you want to be free of anxiety? I learnt this effective mantra when I was studying with Stephen Brooks in Thailand in 2015. I have taught it to hundreds of clients for combatting many negative thought patterns, insomnia and anxieties. The beauty is the simplicity. We have a random thought, which leads to a neurological response, which confirms the thought, which says I told you so … and on and on it goes. Let’s cut the neurological loop.

“This brain is having a thought” (and repeat)

I had a client in late 2019 who was seeing me for hypnotherapy for her chronic fear of heights. I only saw her for one session. In Newcastle, we have a wonderful stainless steel walking bridge, (Anzac Walk) which in part is suspended over a cliff. I suggested to the client that she could test her new confidence with heights, by walking the bridge. She phoned me the next day with the wonderful news. She walked the bridge repeating her new mantra “This brain is having a thought” until she realised that she was at the top of the walk, and was feeling absolutely none of the old anxieties.

Anxiety and fears can have debilitating impacts on the lives of many. Effective hypnotherapy can disconnect the anxiety so that you are now responding instead of reacting. This is about rewiring the brain. I love neuroplasticity. This is the brain’s ability to rewire so as to close down the unresourceful pathway and to create a new neurological pathway.

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