Are you an imposter?

Imposter Syndrome

Are you an imposter?

Are you an imposter? Are you ready to be free of that old imposter syndrome? This is for the all the people out there who think that they are imposters. You know who you are. Imposter Syndrome is real. This is a must-see YouTube video on Imposter Syndrome.

Do you worry that apart from your success, you feel like a fraud?

Do you wonder when they will find out that you aren’t as good as they say you are?

Do you keep beating yourself up, doubting your abilities, even though you are killing it?

As a therapist, over the years I have seen many clients presenting with limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and fears of failure/success. The common phrase that they share with me is “I feel like a fraud and one day they (whoever they are) will find out”.

Who is living with Imposter Syndrome?

How do you describe Imposter Syndrome?

What do you do about it?

I won’t go into chapter and verse. I am inviting you to watch this informative and entertaining TED talk from Australian software entrepreneur Mike Cannon-Brookes. I love how he talks about his Imposter Syndrome experiences.

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