Leave it in the past

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Leave it in the past

Apart from the loss of a loved one, relationship breakups are probably the biggest emotional rollercoaster that people will ever ride. Just when you think you are back on level ground, something else pops up to remind you of something that you thought you had left behind.

Are you stuck in the past?

Do you have difficulty starting a new relationship?

Are you finding that old patterns are repeating?

Are you still traumatised by the ending of a relationship?

Do you want to have freedom from the past so that you can create a new exciting future?

You are not the first and won’t be the last to answer ‘yes’ to all or some of the above. Hypnotherapy is a very effective modality of healing as the therapist doesn’t have to know the details. I’m really not all that interested in the content. Well maybe some of it. I am primarily interested in the context of how ‘what happened has you stuck now’. Why are the emotions of the past still controlling your present?

While counselling and other therapies have a valuable role to play in healing, I have heard many clients tell me that they are “tired of telling the same story again and again and still feel that are getting nowhere.” I like to work with ‘cut through’ … with sensitivity.

In a tailor made 3-session program of hypnotherapy it is my goal to have you flying out the door with new purpose, confidence, self-belief and with a new vision for a future in which you are in control. The old emotions don’t control you … you are in charge. Not being a control-freak … just being in control. And sometimes that is a very good place to start.

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