Best Version of You – Life Coaching

Are you a human being or a human doing? Let’s face it. Life is hectic and it is so common for people to be pulled in so many different directions trying to balance work, family, children’s activities, and household work. Somewhere along the way, you have forgotten about you. I like to use the air-hostess analogy. On a airplane there might be an announcement saying “if the oxygen mask comes down, put yours on first. You cannot save anyone if you have passed out.” That is also true in life. You can be there for everyone else, but who is there for you. This is a time to bring some self-care focus back to you. Book an appointment for life coaching today.


Who am I? Click on this link to download a PDF of  Who Am I? questionnaire. It will become the foundation of the work we do.

THE KEY AREAS OF LIFE: Click on this link to download a PDF of your “Key Areas of Life” Worksheet. It is a wonderful planning tool for life balance.

Do you want your old mojo back?

Is anxiety/depression ruining your day?

Do you want to be a better dad, wife, partner, friend, lover, husband, role model, you?

Is alcohol intake out of control rather than in control?

Are you carrying a few too many kilos?

Are you repeating the old patterns, or someone else’s patterns?

Do you ever wonder, how the hell did I end up this way?

Maybe there are many questions that I haven’t touched upon.

It amazes me the number of times that I ask someone “how are you?” and the reply that I get is “oh I’ve been busy”. Another common response is to give me a list of things that they have been doing.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why society is stressed, anxious and disengaged. People are so busy “doing”, that they have forgotten how to just “be”.

Sometimes when I ask a client what they would like out of their hypnotherapy sessions, I receive a blank stare and words that basically say “I have no idea”. When we go through a list of symptoms I ask, “would you like to just be the best version of you?” Yes that is it!

It is a light bulb moment.

To answer that need I have created a “Best Version of You – Life Coaching” program that is focused on your individual situation and needs. Every individual is different so it makes sense that your hypnotherapy program will be different.


Cameron Hypnotics recommends a 4 session ‘Best Version of You – Life Coaching’ program tailored to your own particular circumstances.

During this program we will work on your individual situation. We will explore any areas of your life that might be triggers to stress and anxiety, creating new patterns of behaviour that are more conducive to a better healthy lifestyle.

‘Your’ sessions are personalised. This ensures that a program is created from information related to ‘your’ history, ‘your’ situation and for ‘your’ individual needs and concerns.

What are you waiting for? Create Your Future NOW.