Neurological Support

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Neurological Support

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful modality to help people with the various symptoms of neurological disorder. I have worked successfully with clients who are living with:

  • Stroke recovery
  • Motor Neuron Disease (ALS)
  • MS
  • Parkinson’s
  • Tinnitus
  • various palsies
  • IBS
  • Ulcerative collitis, and others

At no stage do I profess that hypnosis will ‘cure’ a neurological condition. However hypnotherapy has helped many people to alleviate the debilitating symptoms by helping the brain to relearn the natural functions of the body. Hypnotherapy can assist in neuro plasticity of the brain as it rewires to create more productive neurological pathways.

I will also be teaching you various meditation techniques so that you can be calm and relaxed and more responsive. As you know, when living with a neurological condition, the simplest of tasks can be exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally. This is a time for the mind and body to heal. It is also a time for spiritual healing as you begin to release the negative influences that you have collected over the years. It is a time for a spring cleaning of the mind.

Unfortunately my office is not set up for wheelchair access, however under some circumstances I have made home visits. I am sensitive to the needs of people living with neurological conditions as my first wife was afflicted with MND and as her full time carer for the last 5 years of her life, I have a first hand understanding of the physical, mental and emotional challenges that people have on a daily basis.

The following is a link to my Neurological Strength self-hypnosis MP3 which many people have found useful. You will also find it on Spotify and iTunes by searching Cameron Hypnotics.

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