No more fear of the dentist

No more fear of the dentist

“No more fear of the dentist”


This is an email that I received from a happy mother of a 10yr old boy whose fear of the dentist was now impacting on his health.

Just thought I would update you on Ben and his dentist visit. Ben did not seem that bothered this morning about his impending dentist visit. He did not want to go but equally did not seem to mind going.

He was nervous as we walked in to the dentists but when he went into the treatment room he immediately climbed into the chair. I reminded his of his mantra and to use his finger / thumb to go to his happy place. He had the entire treatment and was quite calm. The dentist was very good and explained in detail what was happening etc. I noticed Ben using the thumb / finger trick.

Afterwards he was so pleased with himself but also annoyed that he had let himself become afraid of something that he did not need to he afraid of. His anxiety has disappeared.

Thank you so much for helping Ben and changing his future with dentist! If this article spoke to you, please share.

I will definitely be recommending you to friends. How good is hypnotherapy?