Adult who Only eats Children’s Food

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Adult who Only eats Children’s Food

I had a client in his 40’s who came to see me for weight loss. I call it weight release. In the questionnaire he identified that his diet was limited … very limited. He only ate fried food and food that made a crunch. Therefore most fruit and vegetables were off limits. This had been a habit since he was 11 years old. Before that time he would eat anything.

I asked him what had happened at that age. He told me his brother had died. It changed the family dynamic so much that he was allowed to eat whatever he wanted. His parents gave up. Under hypnosis I empowered the 11 year old within, to go off and do what 11 year old boys do and let the wise adult self determine what he ate and when he ate. The client came in next session with a big smile telling me about all the different foods he was eating.

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