Overcome fear of driving

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Overcome fear of driving

Some people can have a fear of driving when they are at the learner stage, while some people might develop an inexplicable fear of driving even though they have been driving for many years. Anxiety can grip at a time when you least expect.

I recently had a client who fits into the second category. She was an experienced driver however in the recent past she had developed an unexplained fear of sweeping curves that took her off the flat road. If there was an incline or decline with a curve, then she would find herself gripping the wheel tightly, slowing down, and bracing herself in readiness to pull over and get herself off the road.

One session of hypnotherapy and she was fine. She had an idea from where the problem was created however I wasn’t concerned about that. To me this was about allowing her to release the negative emotion, and for her to be empowered so that now the future road will be clear and calm. If you have an unexplained anxiety that prevents you from not only being your best, but just getting through the day, then hypnotherapy at Cameron Hypnotics is for you.

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