Pain Management – Hypnotherapy can help

Freedom from Pain - A Guided Self Hypnosis, Cameron Hypnotics

Pain Management – Hypnotherapy can help

Pain … whether it be chronic, pulsating, sporadic, constant or otherwise … pain is tiring, discomforting and debilitating. Hypnotherapy is sometimes seen as the last throw of the dice in pain management, however many people have experienced success in being able to turn the pain dial down; and some are able to move pain into the background so that you can get on with activities hat you enjoy. All most clients want is relief.

In one session of Hypnotherapy at Cameron Hypnotics I will:

1. Teach you how to hypnotise yourself. Self-hypnosis is a tool that everyone should have in their toolkit.

2. Teach you how to wind down the pain dial so that ‘it’ is now more manageable.

3. Teach you a process we call ‘glove anaesthesia’ whereby you can transfer a ‘numb hand feeling’ to the part of your body where pain is experienced.

4. Give you a link to a Pain Management Self Hypnosis MP3 for you to play in the comfort of your home. This will empower you to continue on a comfortable path.

You might also consider downloading a Freedom from Pain MP3 to start the pain management process now.

Contact Brett Cameron NOW 0403 335751 to discuss how Cameron Hypnotics at The Junction in Newcastle could help you on your pain management journey.

NB: Pain is nature’s way of saying that something is not quite right. Hypnosis will not remove pain but will empower you to live a life with reduced pain.