Parkinson’s Shuffle

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Parkinson’s Shuffle

I’m a great believer in neuro-plasticity. The brain’s ability to rewire … to create new and more resourceful neurological pathways.

I had a gentleman contact me recently enquiring whether hypnotherapy could help him with his Parkinson’s shuffle. He has been living with Parkinson’s Disease for many years. One of the most debilitating symptoms for him is the loss of control of walking. He accelerates and can’t slow down. Therefore there is potential everyday for him to fall over.

He was a very willing hypnotherapy client. I discussed with him the work that Dr. Norman Doidge has been doing with neuro-plasticity in the USA, and more particularly mentioned a South African man living with Parkinson’s who taught himself to walk again, by adopting a new walking meditation. It is all about the rhythm. The walking rhythm. There are many people with Parkinson’s who have difficulty walking … but they can dance. Some have challenges talking, yet they can sing.

So we worked on his rhythm. While under hypnosis I had this client walking in his mind to a new rhythm. Imagining his hips swaying to a new beat. Repeating a mantra “heal toe heal toe heal toe heal toe” as each foot hits the floor. He was in control … not out of control. Practice practice and practice until the brain gets it. That is how the new neurology will be created.

It gave me such joy to see his smile as he ‘walked’ out of my office. He didn’t shuffle. I didn’t have to hold his arm. He walked with his head held high. His parting words were “I’m looking forward to see what we can do next week.”

I have seen many clients for many different issues over the past 12 years that I have been practicing hypnotherapy and strangely this man was my first Parkinson’s client. I have helped others who are living with neurological challenges so I jumped at the opportunity to work with this man. And the reward was seeing his smile at the end of the first session.

I love the work we do.

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