Put Nail-Biting into the past with Hypnotherapy

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Put Nail-Biting into the past with Hypnotherapy

“Hey Brett just wanted to let you know that I have a full set of un-bitten nails. I haven’t put my fingers in my mouth since we last met. It is an awesome feeling and a weird one knowing that I now have to clip my nails. Thanks”  … a very happy client.

Do you have a nagging habit of biting, picking or chewing your nails?

Has it been with you for years?

Or maybe it is a childhood habit?

Do you want to put it into the past so that you can have strong, healthy nails?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above questions then give me a call NOW! At Cameron Hypnotics I have helped countless clients to put the unconscious behaviour of nail-biting into the past. Whether it be an anxious habit … a habit when you are bored … a habit when you are excited … or just something that you do … I have helped countless clients put nail biting into the ‘been there done that’ bin.

Let’s make it something that ‘you used to do’.

Some clients have successfully stopped biting their nails after one session of hypnosis. Some clients have required up to 3 sessions. Along with stopping the old habit of chomping on your nails, you will also be:

  • Calm and Relaxed,
  • More focussed,
  • In control
  • Able to look at other worrying habits with a clearer perspective,
  • More positive in your outlook on life.

If I have described you, then contact me now on 0403 335751 or email me at brett@cameronhypnotics.com.au

I am located at The Junction … 5 minutes from Newcastle CBD.