Safety and Better Health at Work

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Safety and Better Health at Work

Safety and Better Health at Work

In recent conversations with both employers and employees, it would seem that the most challenging and ever-present issues affecting health and safety in the workplace can be narrowed down to four in number.

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Workplace Bullying (from shop floor to the Boardroom)
  • Smoking
  • Substance abuse. (alcohol, cannabis, cocaine and other)

I have worked with many clients helping them in a short time period to successfully overcome symptoms and behaviours relating to the above areas.

  1. Stress and Anxiety: This is a debilitating condition that has a huge health cost on the individual, their work colleagues and of course their families. It also has a financial cost on business if left unattended. I like to empower people to not only change the way in which they respond to stressors, but also to develop new strategies that will have them putting symptoms stress and anxiety into the past.
  1. Workplace Bullying: Bullying is something that one would like to think is restricted to the schoolyard, and then only in isolated cases. But the reality is that the schoolyard bully has never changed their behaviour and now has taken it to the workplace. This negative behaviour is found in all levels of the workplace and in all industries. I have worked with the “bullied” empowering them with confidence building strategies and coping mechanisms. Conversely I have also helped many “bullies” recognise the negative nature of their behaviours, helping them develop new positive behaviours.
  1. Smoking: Smoking has an untold negative cost on people’s health and pocket. Any business that doesn’t recognise the on-going problem of smoking within and without the workplace has their head in the sand. I urge businesses to support their staff as they ‘quit the habit’
  1. Substance Abuse: Like having an addiction to tobacco, an addiction or dependency on alcohol, cannabis or synthetic drugs can affect every aspect of work and personal life. An individual Hypnotherapy program at Cameron Hypnotics can give you lasting and positive results.

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