Start the day with exercise

Cameron Hypnotics, Start the day with exercise

Start the day with exercise

I work from a home office and I find the best way to start the day is to have a good walk. Thankfully I live near the beach and I can take in a brisk walk along the local beaches. But it doesn’t matter where you live. Find a space that works for you, set the alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual and embrace the positive start to your day.

The benefits are many:

  1. My body is energised by exercising.
  2. Deep breathing oxygenates the blood.
  3. My mind is clear and refreshed.
  4. I have started the day with a positive step so that I am in a resourceful headspace when I return home.
  5. My spirits are uplifted as I look out over the ocean seeing dolphins and the occasional whale.

Along the way I am planning my day in my mind. I am thinking about what clients I have booked in for that day and how I am likely to approach the issues that those clients might bring with them.

If I don’t have a morning walk I can notice the difference. On those days I feel more lethargic, as if the cogs in my mind aren’t turning the way that they would if I had exercised.

So what morning exercise do you do to get your work from home day moving?

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