Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Stop Smoking Easily and Successfully @ Cameron Hypnotics
Increasingly, people are in need of extra help to stop smoking. Hypnosis is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do this.

Are YOU ready to break the smoking habit?

Is new improved health important to you?

Is the cost of smoking burning a hole in your budget?

You can remain calm and relaxed

End cravings and withdrawal

Create healthier habits and better health

Hypnosis allows you to put the old smoking habit into the past. Smoking is something that you used to do. Hypnosis maximises your will power to break the smoking habit. The decision to quit smoking is so much easier when you have dissolved the habits that have been with you for many years.

Hypnosis allows you to experience total calmness and relaxation. While in hypnosis you will absorb positive suggestions of health and well being that will motivate you to grow to better health.

Hypnosis has been used to help thousands of people successfully regain better control over their health, and stop smoking permanently.


How much will you save when you stop smoking?

Quit Smoking And Save Calculator

My 2 Session Program (with safety net)

Cameron Hypnotics recommends a 2 session Smoking plan tailored to your own particular smoking habits to ensure that you stop smoking permanently. During this plan we will work on your individual ‘triggers’ which can be both situational and emotional, such as boredom, stress, anxiety, anger, or drinking.
Most of my clients have quit the habit inside 2 sessions … but just in case you are still smoking after 2 sessions …  let’s discuss what can be achieved with a 3rd session. For more information on what positive changes you can expect, click on this Stop Smoking Now  link for a Stop Smoking NOW! PDF.

Quit Smoking and have Real Payback … NOW!

  • How much am I spending on cigarettes?
  • How much is smoking costing me in reduced fitness?
  • How much does it cost to quit smoking cigarettes … permanently?

These are questions that smokers ask themselves daily. But the question they could consider is …

What is the payback time for me quitting smoking?

So what is payback? Whenever we purchase something or make a business investment there is always a consideration of payback. If I spend this money, when am I going to be in front?

The same principle applies to stopping smoking with the assistance of hypnotherapy. If you smoke 25 cigarettes a day and are paying $40 a packet, then you will burn $14,600 up in smoke in the next 12 months. However with a $450 (2 session) Hypnotherapy investment with Cameron Hypnotics your payback will be 11 days. That’s right. After you have stopped smoking, 11 days of not smoking would have paid for your hypnotherapy program. That is less than 2 weeks!

It is that simple.

So without even contemplating the unlimited health and lifestyle benefits of quitting smoking, the financial benefits alone make the decision to be a non-smoker so much more compelling.