Stopped the Poker Machine Addiction – $50,000 a year

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Stopped the Poker Machine Addiction – $50,000 a year

I love helping people to experience life changing moments but a client in the past year goes to the top of the tree. He was spending up to $50,000 a year on poker machines. Yes … $1000 per week, every week. After 3 sessions of Hypnotherapy he hasn’t been near a poker machine for months. He said he can go to a pub now with his mates and “I just don’t think of gambling … it is something I used to do.” He then came back to me for hypnosis to quit smoking. $23 a packet and being a pack a day smoker, he is now a clean fresh air breather and is saving $8,400 in the next 12 months of not smoking.

Wow! He has his health back … he now has money in the bank … his business is growing … his personal life is calm …

I love this gig.

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