Stressed? … there is always the beach

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Stressed? … there is always the beach

Wow what a gorgeous Spring weekend. And if you live in Newcastle, what better way to de-stress and unwind than to take the family to the beach? Think of the benefits:

1. Grown ups can put the work worries of the week in a bucket, pick up a book, a towel, an umbrella (and sunscreen), and feel the energy returning to your body.

2. Children are in the great outdoors, running, swimming, surfing and not a small screen in sight.

3. And if the small screen is a problem, check out the image that my wife’s 13 yr old captured at Bar Beach this morning on his Go Pro. He can still feed his small screen cravings while experiencing the beach, fun and sun.

I have clients every week telling me how stressed they are. And yes they probably are stressed. But I know that a couple of hours at the beach today have recharged my batteries.

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Thank you Toby Girgis-Cook for the great photo.