The fear of snakes has gone

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The fear of snakes has gone

“I couldn’t believe that my fear of snakes and lizards has now totally disappeared”.

Several years ago I had a practice at Coffs Harbour (Nthn NSW). I had a client who was seeing me to address her huge fear of snakes and all reptiles. Just the thought of being in an environment with a snake or a lizard would send her into an anxiety attack.  And to make matters worse her work required her to be outdoors particularly in a grassed area that was known by locals to house snakes. One day she phoned me to say that she had been sitting in her car for 90 minutes trying to summon up the courage to complete her field study task. She needed help and needed it NOW.

Thankfully I had a vacancy and I saw her shortly after the call. After the hypnotherapy session she asked “How will I know that this works?” That is a question that a lot of ‘fears and phobias’ clients will ask. My answer was “You will know”.

She also wanted to stop smoking and made an appointment for the following week to put smoking int the past.

The first thing she said when she walked in for the second appointment, was her answering her own question from the previous week. Over the weekend the client went camping with her husband at Bellingen. They camped on the Bellinger River. In the morning they were sitting at their campsite having a coffee when her husband made a shocked facial expression. My client asked him what the problem was and he replied “nothing!”. She heard a russle in the grass behind her only to find a 4 foot lace monitor goanna approaching. She turned slowly, gave it a nod, it was close enough to kiss the back of her leg as it passed, and all she could do was to turn to her husband and exclaim “I guess I am cured”.

I love the work we do. You too can put a debilitating fear into the past. Hypnosis works. Call Brett now to start your empowering change process.

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