The Feedback Sandwich

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The Feedback Sandwich

When it comes time for managers or supervisors to give feedback to an employee or team member, the delivery of the feedback is so important. And yet the most commonly overlooked aspect of giving feedback is attention given to a working structure or positive strategy.

When giving feedback always begin on a positive note, finding something that has been successful or positive.

 If you have a negative to deliver then have it ready to be sandwiched as the constructive filler.

 And then complete the feedback sandwich with a ‘positive’ to reinforce the benefits of feedback.

Tips for Successful delivery of Feedback:

  1. Never use ‘but’. Always use ‘and, perhaps, next time, maybe, a suggestion I have is, also … or sometimes ‘however’.
  1. Give praise using honest, positive and dynamic words. Eg. Fantastic, encouraging, great strengths, team member. Your intention is to build this person for the future.
  1. Be sincere and genuine.
  1. Be specific … don’t use generic motherhood statements that could be about anyone. Be focussed on the person you are with.
  1. The filler has to be constructive. Examples are:
  • room for improvement if extra training was undertaken.
  • development will benefit if we buddy you with someone who is more experienced;
  • your time management is not one of your strengths and with more attention I am confident that you can turn that around. Can I help you with that?
  • “what changes do you think you can apply?”
  1. Above all you are assessing the person’s behaviour … not the person. It is always the behaviour; not the person.