Wedding Speech fears

Fear of public speaking

Wedding Speech fears

The wedding speech: One of the greatest unknown fears.

When we look at a list of fears and phobias, the fear of public speaking seems to be prominent on the list of many. Speaking in front of a crowd can bring up symptoms of anxiety in the otherwise strongest of people. Most symptoms that people experience with anxieties are usually anticipatory. We anticipate an upcoming event and the body starts to react. You might feel:

  1. tightness in the chest with palpitations,
  2. uncomfortable belly with “butterflies in stomach” feeling,
  3. sweaty palms and agitation,
  4. tightness in shoulders and neck,
  5. foggy head and muddled thoughts

To be asked to speak in front of a group of people can be daunting yet when we throw a wedding into the mix, it can throw a lot of people into a tailspin. I have heard many tales of stress, fumbled words and stage fright. In early 2020, a man came to see me to help him with his public speaking anxiety. His daughter was getting married and he was absolutely freaking out about his speech. Everything else in the wedding plans was a walk in the park but the idea of giving a speech was too much.

If you are one of those people who dread public speaking, hypnotherapy is the answer for you. I have a self hypnosis MP3 Public Speaking Confidence that is a great starting point.

So, when making the wedding plans, you have ticked off the major items such as dresses, venue, cars, invites etc. You have engaged an amazing Wedding Celebrant such as Afaf Girgis.

And now you have removed any stresses and anxieties that might have hindered you and your delivery of a wonderfully engaging wedding speech. Check out the Cameron Hypnotics Anxiety Buster program here.

Keep breathing. It will be perfect. You’ll nail it.