Who am I? The toughest question of all.

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Who am I? The toughest question of all.

Do you feel as though you are lost in a labyrinth? If you stopped and asked yourself the simple question … Who am I? Would you be able to answer? It is arguably the toughest or most challenging question for most of us to attempt.

Loss of identity or confusion around one’s identity is more often than not, the common thread to many of my clients’ problems. With mounting pressures of the fast paced modern lifestyle affecting us all, we don’t allow ourselves the moment to slow down to think, or the moment to just be. If you were to stop and give yourself a time for reflection, one of the emotions that might become dominant is guilt; the guilty feeling when you think that there must be something more useful for you to do with your time. Or the fact that we are pulled in so many directions that we just can’t allow time for self.

I have many clients who just don’t know who they are anymore. Maybe they are living up to expectations of others.

It might be the female client in her 30’s or 40’s. She might typically have an education or profession that was honed through hard work during her early 20’s. She then met someone, got married and had children. The children are now of school age and the woman is now confronted with herself. Who is she? She is a mother to her children. She is a wife or partner to her other half. She is a Saturday taxi driver for athletic children. But who is she?  She once had a career path but that is in the past. Maybe it is time to redefine who she is … or who she wants to be. But then she asks herself … where do I start?

Or it might be the male client who has been suppressing negative thoughts for many years. He is stuck in a job or career that is far from satisfying because it was either chosen for him by someone else, or he might have made the decision when he would rather have been doing something else. He just didn’t feel empowered at the time. He didn’t know that he had a choice. He now has family responsibilities. He has young children and somewhere in the back of his mind he is asking himself “what kind of father am I going to be?” “Am I going to repeat the mistakes that my dad made?”  Having the societal pressures of being the main money earner (yes I know … equality is a debate for another time), this male client might be unaware that he is taking work stresses home with him.  And that adds to more pressure. And it can potentially snowball out of control.

With hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching, I have helped many clients get to a better place, allowing them in the quietness of their own mind to gain a stronger sense of self, an understanding of who they really are. I teach them relaxation techniques to release the stress, and empower them to make the changes that they have longed for.  Check out my website and read the client testimonials. We all have the power to change. It is the first step that is the most challenging. Each step thereafter is a doddle.

So who are you?

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