Why is Indirect Hypnosis so effective?

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Why is Indirect Hypnosis so effective?

When I work with a client I don’t like to ‘tell’ them what to do, and even a direct suggestion to a client is a rarity. Direct hypnosis is used less and less in my practice as I have embraced the efficacy of Ericksonian indirect hypnosis. I like to tell stories, entwining metaphor after metaphor, knowing that the client’s ever-present unconscious mind will latch onto the principle of the story … embracing change as if they were a part of the story.

Milton Erickson is widely acknowledged as being the father of modern hypnosis. He revolutionised the practice of hypnotherapy through the utilisation of his perceptive observation skills, combined with an innate ability to tell stories. There are timeless tales that bring life to old fables as though they were happening now. To list a few think of Brothers Grimm, Aesop, Henry Lawson, Hans Christian Anderson, and books of religious instruction. They all have stories about everyday life; people overcoming challenges and adversity. Stories of moral strength.

Maybe now is the time to allow your conscious thinking mind to travel away on a holiday while that ever-present unconscious mind of yours can listen and make its own mind up … Your brain is telling you thoughts about what you can’t do. Thoughts are a roadblock that are getting in the way. So I am the tour guide who is going to guide you on this new journey. So when would now be a good time to make that change?

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