Why is Mindfulness so popular?

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Why is Mindfulness so popular?

Because as a society we are more stressed and anxious than ever before. People are reporting increased stress:

  • At home dealing with family and partner relationships,
  • At work: relationship stress, deadline stress, travel stress
  • Fear of redundancy or job security.
  • With financial stress,
  • Performance stress,
  • And importantly leading to emotional stress.

A recent Australian Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) study (see link below) analysed how the growth of social media has lead to an increase in the occurrence of social anxiety.

12% of Australians report keeping up with social media networks is a source of stress.

And yet 51% of respondents indicate that they are using social media to manage their stress.


In another study of people living with severe stress, 61% have sought alcohol for relief, 41% are gambling, 40% smoke and 31% take recreational drugs to manage stress.


So why are people reaching for mindfulness?

When we consider that in the US, the sales of anti-depressants had grown by 400% from 1985 to 2005. A report in 2008 indicated that 23% of American women in their 40s and 50s were taking anti-depressants.

As a therapist, I am finding increasingly that the clients who are seeking Mindfulness as a panacea have reached a stage where they are sick of medication. They are sick of seeing a glass of wine or beer as the answer. They are sick of being out of control.

Mindfulness is an empowering process whereby you gain back the control. You become in control … not out of control.

The immediate benefits from Mindfulness are:

  1. Being calm and less stressed.
  2. Being focussed.
  3. Being energised.
  4. Being more productive and resourceful
  5. Feeling healthier.
  6. Having more meaningful communication.
  7. Feeling happier

To start your journey of Mindful change, contact Brett now at www.cameronhypnotics.com.au to re-imagineer your future.

Your body and spirit will be thankful. And probably your family and work colleagues as well.